1. Introduction

The "Journal of Management Science Research Review" (JMSRR) recognizes that unforeseen circumstances or exceptional situations may impact an author's ability to meet all manuscript submission and publication requirements. To address such situations, JMSRR offers a limited waiver program, providing flexibility in specific circumstances. This policy outlines the eligibility criteria and process for requesting a waiver.

2. Eligibility Criteria

Waivers may be granted for the following reasons:

3. Exclusions

Waivers will not be granted for the following reasons:

4. Waiver Request Process

To request a waiver, authors must submit a formal written request to the JMSRR editorial office outlining the specific reason for the waiver and providing supporting documentation. The supporting documentation may include medical certificates, official documents related to natural disasters, professional appointment letters, visa rejection notices, etc.

The editorial board will review each waiver request on a case-by-case basis, considering the severity of the circumstances, supporting documentation, and potential impact on the review and publication process. The decision of the editorial board is final and binding.

5. Types of Waivers Offered

6. Communication and Transparency

JMSRR is committed to transparent communication with authors throughout the waiver request process. Authors will be notified of the editorial board's decision within a reasonable timeframe. If the waiver request is denied, the editorial board will provide feedback explaining the rationale behind the decision.